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Nadia Yass

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Nadia Yass is an Iraqi-born artist currently living in
Philadelphia, PA.

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Nadia Mohammed Yass

Nadia Yass

Nadia Yass is an Iraqi-born artist currently living in Philadelphia, PA.


Exhibition of Iraqi modern arts in Amman Jordan in 1991
Exhibition of Iraqi modern arts in London 1991.
Exhibition of Modern Arts at gallery four in London 1992
Received an award for first place at the Al Wasety Festival in 1993.
Exhibition of Modern Arts in Amman Jordan in 2001
Exhibition of Modern Arts in Tunisia 2002
Third Baghdad International Art Festival 2002
Exhibition of Modern Arts in Bahrain 2004
Exhibition Drawings sponsored by the French Embassy in Iraq and the Ministry of Culture of Iraq in the space and art gallery in Baghdad 2005
Has participated in most exhibition in Iraq
Has received many certificates of appreciation
Has won an award for placing first place in the women’s rights and freedoms competitions held by the Iraqi ministry of Culture in cooperation with the united nations fund for women
Nadia was also a professional consultant in the foundation of research for legal studies and human rights concerned with the development of women and the defense of their legal and constitutional rights
Encouraging Creative Prize for Youth 2003 from the Ministry of Culture


Collage of Fine Arts in Baghdad 1989-1994
Member of the Iraq Union of Artists
Member of the Iraq formalism society of artists
Member of the international society for Human Rights
Member of the European Union Migrant Artists Network


The plastic art in Iraq has its roots deep in the earth

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My Word

– I come from an artistic family, my father, may God have mercy on him, is a plastic artist, and my mother has an artistic taste, which is why I grew up in a house full of colors, tools and paintings. The school fairs that are held annually, as well as in the middle and preparatory stages, were of great importance to my participation and my drawings.

I graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1994, that college frequented by Iraq’s top artists, from professors to students to visitors, and being present in the activities and celebrations held by the college, as it was a permanent artistic workshop throughout the year, as a result of that I graduated with passion, determination and learning Learn everything related to drawing.

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